She Has All Of Me – S9:E3

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Simon Kitty is just vibing with her cell phone as she passes time in the afternoon. When her girlfriend, Adrianna, joins her, Simon realizes that she can’t take her eyes off the lovely figure. Adrianna goes through her record collection and puts on a song that the ladies can dance to.Cuddling close and exchanging kisses, the girls sway to the beat. As the music comes to an end, they take their party to the couch, Adrianna sits, pulling Simon on top of her as they continue to keep their lips locked. Stroking and caressing, they slowly relieve each other of their clothes amidst kisses and suckling of nipples.Adrianna is the first to be fully naked, with Simon taking full advantage of that situation. She kneels between Adrianna’s thighs, putting her tongue and fingers to sensual work. As Simon rocks Adrianna’s world, Adrianna mewls and squirms, rubbing her own clit to bring herself right to the peak.It’s Simon’s turn next, and Adrianna can’t wait to go for it. She helps her lover out of her skirt and to the top of the couch, where she goes right for the prize of Simon’s dripping cooch. Simon guides Adrianna’s mouth by winding her hands in her hair. Then Adrianna moves her mouth higher, suckling Simon’s nipples as her fingers keep Simon’s party going.Simon kisses her own juices off of Adrianna’s lips, then leans to the side so that Adrianna can continue her sensual assault. As soon as her hips are bucking, Simon climbs off the top of the couch and draws Adrianna into her arms. Using her talented fingers, she plumbs Adrianna’s pussy until her girlfriend is twitching in orgasmic bliss, bringing their afternoon to a delightful close.



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