Experiments in Boob Science

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We like interaction with the people who keep us going–this means you–so we gave SCORE DVD buyers a crack at writing their own SCORE movie by holding a contest for the most interesting and promising ideas. We asked for five scenes per movie pitch. The ad was placed in our DVD mail order catalog, and we waited for the responses to come in. The entire process took several months. The grand prize was $500, and that winner’s concept eventually became K-JUGS starring Renee Ross and Samantha 38G. The third-place winner was D.M., who came up with Big Boob Weird Science or Curvy Creation. While a XXX parody of the Hughes’ 1985 film Weird Science has been done several times since the original was released, no one had emphasized huge tits. The idea of creating your own perfect woman wasn’t brand new either (they’re all variations on Frankenstein), but it’s a terrific male fantasy idea for movies. I shared the scriptwriting work with the editor of Voluptuous magazine. A key element was the right casting. For the role of the superwoman Mandy, the geeks’ magical creation, Daphne Rosen’s name was pitched. Daphne can act and handle lines, her tits are gigantic and she does double-penetration. So Daphne it was. She carries the movie, and a better choice couldn’t have been found. In this scene, Mandy takes the two geeks, Sheldon and Dexter, to a house party filled with crazy people trashing the place (played by the SCORE staff. Who else?) The party is also crashed by biker-babe Angel Gee and her two stupid thugs. But Mandy has the power, so the geeks punch out the bullies. This impresses Angel, who gets wet over tough guys and now wants to fuck. The four move over to a couch, and the two super-bra-busters suck the guys’ cocks while the wasted partygoers watch. The party people stumble off and the two nerds fuck Mandy and Angel in a raunchy four-way. Angel and Daphne are powerhouses of raw sex. Daphne gets plowed in her butthole and then DP’d by both guys. Angel gets her pussy pounded and her tits and mouth fucked. It’s a very hot scene and one of the rare foursomes in a SCORE video. Daphne and Angel have the kind of great tits that guys who like to fuck tits are happy to blow a load or two over. Boob Science also starred Eva Notty, Aileen Ghettman, Contessa Rose and Maggie Green. (Maggie takes the strap-on from Daphne; this was before she started doing hardcore with guys.) I enjoyed reading the Boob Science reviews, like this one from a blogger who calls himself Hi-Boobs: “All of the sets are really well-made…and the props are especially spot-on. The dialogue is hilarious and so many boob-puns are to be had: ‘What are we doing with bras on our heads, and a doll?'” Answer: banging five really hot sweater-killers.



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